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Dive from high-level summaries to granular investigations in a single click. Our analyzable platform gives you the tools to measure and test the revenue impact of different traffic sources, content types, page layouts, and audience segments. Choose from over 30 dimensions and metrics to derive insights relevant to your business.

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Viewability of ads directly impacts earnings. Track your ad viewability rates by page and unit to see where you can improve viewability or layouts to further increase revenue.
Sortable Graph looking at Viewability by Ad Unit
View all of your revenue data in one system (including AdX revenue). See earnings, CPMs, impressions, and more by demand source. We believe publishers deserve full transparency in where their earnings are coming from.

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What our publishers say about our analytics

“Sortable is agnostic to who monetizes our inventory, and we trust their judgment on what ad placement or refresh rates can do to improve viewability, fill rate, and overall yield. We look at them as a data-driven team with a solution that provides core facts and guidance on making the right decision to increase yield.”
“The Sortable Analytics dashboard is clear, uncluttered, and fast. I used to dread logging into multiple accounts, some of which can take forever just to load. With Sortable, I’ve got one interface which gives me quick access to all the information I need to monitor how well our ad monetization is doing. Just the time savings alone is enough to justify our business with Sortable.”

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