Webinar - Analytics in Day-to-Day Ad Ops

Analytics in Day-to-Day Ad Ops – Webinar

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Ad Ops is constantly evolving. The industry isn’t what it was a year or even two years ago. Big data is a large driver of this evolution with its increasingly important role in the latest technologies available. Ad ops professionals are now responsible for overseeing data and providing insight. Data is used to measure ad effectiveness and recommending strategies for …

Webinar – Optimizing Display Ad Revenue and UX

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Digital publishers are always striving to optimize their web properties. In this webinar, we discuss real examples and industry trends that publishers should be paying attention to in order to maximize their display ad revenue and UX. You can hear from Chris Reid, CEO at Sortable.com, and Joshua Mendelssohn and Jeff Myers, Co-Founders of Factinate.com as they share their learnings and insights in the …