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Sortable 101: How to Boost Ad Revenue with Sortable

In our 4th episode of our new webinar series, Sortable 101, we show you how our platform and our features increase your ad revenue. We dive into:

  • Sortable Video - and how this new format is helping publishers recover CPM values from days past
  • Hosted ads.txt
  • Viewable Managed Refresh
  • What is Sortable Search? *COMING SOON*


Sortable 101: Sortable Analytics

With so many ad monetization solutions keeping your data in the "black box," it's difficult to make evidence-based decisions for your business.

Our third episode of Sortable 101 goes over the basics of Sortable Analytics, what it can do that other platforms can't, how to make the most out of your own information, and who has access to Sortable Analytics.

Sortable 101: Sorta-What?
We want to show you what we can do. Tune into our second episode, Sorta-What? where we dive into which Sortable solutions are available for publishers, why you might choose one over the other, what the Sortable advantage is, and how to maximize that ad revenue.

Sortable 101: Sorta-Who?
Join us for our first episode in our new webinar series, Sortable 101, where you'll learn: how to scale your ad revenue growth, who we are and what the Sortable advantage is, publishers we've worked with (proof that what we're doing works, and monetization solutions that will help maximize your revenue.


Optimizing display ad revenue and UX

Want to unlock more from your programmatic ads? We’ll discuss real examples and industry trends that publishers should be aware of.


Especially paying attention to in order to maximize their display ad revenue. In this hour-long webinar, you’ll hear from Chris Reid, CEO at Sortable, and Joshua Mendelssohn and Jeff Myers, Co-founders of as they share their learnings and insights in the complicated and ever-changing ad tech industry. You’ll learn how publishers are addressing challenges like the importance of viewability, ad quality, lazy loading, external vs. internal content recommendation, demand sources, and analytics.



Analytics in day-to-day Ad Ops

In this webinar, you'll hear from Lila Hunt, Head of Publishing Solutions at Sortable and James Murphy, SVP of Monetization at TextNow.


They'll be giving insight into why deeper analytics is critical to maximizing earnings, which metrics to watch and why, and what actions to take or test based on real examples.



How to attract high quality buyers

Sortable and Sharethrough discuss how to increase ad revenue by attracting high-quality buyers.


You'll learn: 1) how to increase your ad viewability and in turn, your revenue; 2)simple optimizations to increase your CPM rates; 3) how to capture high bids by taking advantage of native ads, and 4)what buyers really care about when choosing their bid price. We'll also take a deep dive into how you can implement better quality content, ad fraud protection, brand-safe content, and verifiable supply.