Stats show viewability outlook still unclear

Sortable Ad Monetization

We've taken a look at our desktop and mobile ad units network-wide to help our customers improve and understand their viewability performance. Here is what data we've found, and how you can use what we've learned:

  • Viewability decreases by an average of 25% below-the-fold.
    The majority of the decrease is seen in desktop ad units.

  • Average CPM decreases by 10% below-the-fold.

  • Mobile ad units' viewability actually increases by 12% below-the-fold.
    Ad units are much more likely to be on screen as the page is scrolled on mobile.

Conclusions we can draw:

  • Designing sites to be mobile friendly is a great way to increase viewability. Mobile ads are the only units that do not become less viewable below-the-fold.

  • A decrease in viewability does not strongly correlate to an equivalent decrease in CPM. However this will change in the future as advertisers increasingly demand viewable inventory.

  • Viewability depends on the type of content, and the type of readers who visit the site.
    Metrics that differentiate between above-the-fold and below-the-fold will be meaningless for a site that places all content above-the-fold, since the visitor has no reason to scroll in that case.
    Likewise, pages that promote scrolling down the page will have more consistent viewability performance  moving from above-the-fold to below-the-fold.

Previously we made the case that viewability was not the metric of the future, and it seems that the industry is still struggling with its measurement, analysis, and interpretation. Admetrics also publishes a quarterly report on viewability statistics, which is a great look into the industry's viewability metrics.

Find out more about viewability and how you can improve your metrics by talking to our team of experts.

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