Life at Sortable: Meet Juelle

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You’ve already met several members of the team like Jamie Murphy from Product, Daniel Rodriguez from Engineering, Julie Holmes from Onboarding, and Lindsey Ernst from Sales, but we think it’s about time you met someone from our Customer Success team. They’re the team that keeps our customers happy. It is our greatest pleasure to introduce Juelle Peters, Publisher Operations Specialist on our Customer Success team! 

Let’s get started!

Editor’s note: The following has been edited and condensed for clarity.

What do you do at Sortable?

I’m a Publisher Operations Specialist on the Publisher Operations team within our Customer Success department. The Publisher Operations team oversees our small and mid-sized businesses and handles day-to-day operations to help the Customer Success (CS) team run smoothly. 

Favourite part of the publisher operations?

My favourite part of being on the Publisher Operations team is the dynamic environment that allows for continuous learning. We deal with a plethora of customer concerns offering consistent insight into the organization and industry. We get to engage with clients on a regular basis,  allowing for a very forward-facing dynamic in terms of the happenings of the organization and industry at large.

Why Customer Success over other departments?

I enjoy working in CS because my job allows me to work on analytical concepts through day-to-day tasks (which allows me to use my Math degree) and engage with customers on a one-to-one basis (because I love socializing and communicating). I like being able to see a customer through their concerns and work to resolve them — constantly increasing my learning curve because queries can come in about anything…..and I mean anything! Nothing beats the satisfaction of a pleased customer….well maybe the catered meals! 🙂

What’s the biggest thing you enjoy about working with publishers?

I have to say that it is the responsibility and liberty to maintain and retain the relationships with our clients. Every customer is different, so it’s a balancing act that keeps me on my toes and makes every day an exciting one. I also get a lot of satisfaction from meeting and exceeding customer expectations. That makes all the work worth every ounce of effort. Being in a position that allows me to relay information to my team that makes us more valuable to those that welcome our service, on a personal level, is great, because it really does make you feel like your contribution to the team is valid and relevant!

What does your typical day look like?

WOW! That is a big question. Well, to start, not every day is the same and every day brings with it very new and very exciting challenges. On a typical day I could be:

  • Conducting customer reports and seeing where there’s room for improvements
  • Responding to cases from customers and addressing them accordingly
  • Reviewing publisher data analytics 
  • Optimizing strategies and sharing them with customers
  • Participating in team meetings to ensure we’re all on the same page
  • Troubleshooting technical queries
  • Working with newly onboarded publishers who are transitioning to Sortable
  • Publisher reach outs regarding site performance and investigations
  • Interdepartmental meetings and correspondence

What’s your favourite part about working at Sortable?

If I had to sum it up, I would say the people, the continuous learning, and the industry. The people I work with make every day better; every day is a good day at Sortable….and yes I mean that! I can say hands down I have met some of the nicest and smartest colleagues at this company and Chris is the CEO MVP!!! 

I’m also constantly learning which keeps me going and on my toes; there is literally NEVER a dull moment here. The industry is always changing and it’s actually pretty cool. I love telling people that I know how certain ads show up on their page because it’s my job, but don’t ask me to explain…it’s more complicated than you think!

What do you think sets the ideal Sortable publisher apart from the rest? 

The ideal publisher is one who is able to clearly and consistently communicate their expectations to us, while understanding the service that we provide and how we work to continuously serve them. All in all, it’s my goal that we both understand each other’s limitations and expectations.

What trend or industry change are you looking forward to the most? 

I think that’s the fast-growing popularity in the Ad Tech industry which brings with it the threat of increased competition and market players. I know most people would say cookies, but the challenge that we focus on at Sortable is staying ahead of the competition and staying true to our customers. With the constantly changing industry, it can be difficult to keep up and always be on the ball with new products and services. We always try our best to succeed. 

What do you like most about Ad Tech? What do you like least?

What I like most about Ad Tech is that I see it happening in real time on a daily basis, on every site I visit and most apps I use. I also love that the Ad tech industry is always evolving, creating opportunities for continuous growth both on individual and organizational levels. 

What I like least is the complexity and rapidly evolving nature of the industry, which can be a bit overwhelming at times. This industry is not good for know-it-alls, because in ad tech, you NEVER know it all and you learn that pretty quickly. I learnt that the hard way!

What advice would you give to someone going into Ad Tech or starting at Sortable?

My advice would be to continue asking questions, be very open to learning, and pace yourself! I promise it gets better with time! I heard this on my first day and one year later it has never been more real….


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