Sortable: a 2016 Year in Review

Sortable: a 2016 Year in Review

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It's been a big year - HUGE. And we have some numbers to share just how crazy things have gotten over here.

Sortable team 2016 - year in review

We're growing fast, with no plans to slow down. This year we've almost tripled in size from 21 people to over 50.

Our business is growing too! We partly measure our work through impressions, and we've managed to serve over 30 billion ad impressions in the past year.


We eat ~5% of our yearly profits. Candy, drink, lunch, and some dinners. We consume things, beware.

cocktail fridays

One part of what makes Sortable special is that we have regular company activities that aren't exactly work related. For instance, COCKTAIL FRIDAY! (as it's announced on Slack) is a Friday afternoon tradition and we've tried 47 unique cocktails in the past year prepared by six different mixologists. They range from Cuba Libre to Dark and Stormy, and from Ode to Viceroy to a drink we fondly refer to as Milk Soap ” which was a delicious as you might expect actual, honest-to-goodness soap-flavoured milk to be.

Coffee feedback

Any business worth their salt requires coffee to function at optimal output and we're no different. We make coffee from three main bean sources (tubs of Tim Hortons, whole bean coffee from local roasters, and Nespresso coffee pods) which are then brewed through several techniques: Chemex, AeroPress, drip, and Nespresso machine. Over the course of the year we've consumed nearly 25 kilograms of coffee. We're pretty sure the quality, variety, and sheer volume of coffee has contributed to our growth.

Sortable developers

To date, Sortable has created 3478 pull requests, 3318 of which have been merged to master. 2023 pull requests, resulting in 5920 commits to master, have be created in 2016 alone*.

*According to our development team.

sortable development team

Sortable has even won awards for all this speed, and growth, and consumption. The Deloitte Fast 50 (#8) and Fast 500 (#72), and the PROFIT 500 (#14).

Sortable events - 01

This year, we held two events to bring the tech community closer to the cores where we live, work, and play. The amount raised for charity across two community partners, The Working Centre and The Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region, was $3,781.52.

Sortable events

There were 11,155 plays thrown by 175 developers over thirty minutes against Bort Bot, the Sortable rock-paper-scissors bot we deployed at the hackathon.

It's been a busy, productive year here at Sortable and we look forward to what 2017 will bring!