It’s official! Sortable is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies

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We're happy to share the news that Sortable is #14 on the 2016 PROFIT 500, with a five-year revenue growth rate of 4,653%*.


It's taken a lot of sweat, caffeine, and code to get us here, and our journey is just starting. A brief history lesson: We were originally founded in 2009 as Snapsort Media, and our sites helped consumers make decisions such as which camera to buy or what team to pick in the football pool. We were acquired by a larger media company in 2012, and in 2014, one of the original founders, Christopher Reid, bought the company back. As publishers, we had learned a lot about online advertising, so we pivoted the business to focus on automated ad operations and rebranded as Sortable.

Since our change in focus, we've doubled down on our engineering efforts, focusing on creating a solution which uses machine learning to optimize display ads and increase revenue for publishers. After only two years, we've helped hundreds of publishers automate their ad operations.

4,653% isn't the only number we're proud of. Check out some others:

  • 44 - the number of current employees (up from 4 in 2014)
  • 3,500,000,000 - the number ad impressions we serve each month
  • 195,724 - calories consumed in candy alone (and that's just in August)
  • 1,000 - the number of catered meals we order each month (just one of the perks of working here).
  • 1 - number of sushi restaurants in Waterloo Region converted into a startup HQ (ours!)

We're pretty excited to be included on this list, and we're looking for people who are up for a challenge: helping us grow even more.

*Ending December 31, 2015.