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How to Use Google AdSense

Neera Shanker How-To

Google AdSense is an ad monetization platform that was initially developed by a startup company from Santa Monica, California. In 2003, Google acquired the AdSense platform, using it to enable digital publishers from all over to monetize their website by means of targeted ads. Now, it’s probably the most recognized monetization product globally. Essentially, Google AdSense is an ad network. …

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How to Redesign a Website Without Losing Out on SEO

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Poor conversion rates? Outdated design and copy? Negative user experience (UX)?  No matter what type or size of business you own, your website needs to be the best it can be. But when it comes to making improvements to your site, you need a strong strategy — otherwise, your site updates can create more harm than good. That search engine …

Creating and Using Engaging Videos

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In today’s digital world there are all kinds of effective content. However, while the written word is often the go-to in terms of appealing to and educating an audience, there’s something about videos that really hit the spot. According to a recent marketing survey, 68% of all online users stated that they would prefer to learn about new products or …

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Video Ad Earnings

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Video advertising has changed the game for publishers in terms of monetizing ads, as it has allowed them to show videos through multiple formats (outstream, instream, etc.), even when they don’t have any video content themselves. That means you don’t have to create a YouTube channel to make money off your videos anymore. Google caught on to this trend and …


How To Serve Static Assets To Improve User Experience

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Using a cache to serve static assets is a great way to reduce the load on your web server by decreasing the number of requests it receives. It’s most useful for content that doesn’t change often. A static asset is a file that’s not directly associated with a web page or application. Think of the header images you see on …


How to Serve Next-Gen Image Formats in Modern Browsers

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The future of the web is image-heavy. While the original vision was for text and links, it’s increasingly becoming an image-driven world. In fact, research has shown that sites with images make your user more likely to browse around. If you’re using WordPress, chances are you’re already doing a decent job at optimizing images. That’s good, but there are ways …

Using a Sitemap – An Easy Win to Get Your WordPress Site Noticed

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At Sortable, we understand how challenging it can be for newcomers to launch a profitable website, whether that’s a blog targeting new moms or an e-commerce store with thousands of products. Some of the most vital components of a successful website are XML sitemaps, so if your WordPress site doesn’t have one yet, now is the time to generate a sitemap …

Top Four WordPress Site Speed Plugins for 2021

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Based on our testing at Sortable, there’s little doubt remaining that site speed is a vital metric for successful search engine optimization. The catch is, having the fastest website on the planet doesn’t guarantee that your site will grow or even earn a single dollar, but in general, fast websites fare better on Google’s search results page. To check your …

Three Ways To Optimize For Mobile

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In 2012, a report conducted by IAB found that only 9% of internet advertising revenue was a result of mobile. Since then, mobile ad spend (including advertising on mobile phones, tablets, and mobile internet-connect devices) continues to grow year over year, making desktop secondary by comparison. In 2019, US mobile ad spend saw an increase of 23%, reaching $87.20 billion. …

How To Improve Viewability

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Viewability is a hot topic for every publisher as it’s a key metric for improving your ad revenue and maximizing the content that you work so hard to produce for your audience. So what exactly does ‘viewability’ mean, why is it important, and more critically, how do you improve it? Let’s dig in. What is ‘viewability’ and why is it …