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Long(er) Live the Third-Party Cookie!

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Hear that? It’s the sound of an industry’s collective sigh of relief after Google’s recent announcement that third-party cookies will still be around until at least 2023. Don’t stick your head in the sand though, the Privacy Sandbox isn’t going away! What does Google’s delay on removing third-party cookies from Chrome mean for publishers? Google had to do it. With …

Why Cookie Matching Matters

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Did you know that if it weren’t for cookies, eCommerce shopping wouldn’t be a thing? We also wouldn’t be able to have our login information saved for the various websites we create accounts for, and we’d have to reconfigure the language for multilingual websites each time we visited a website.  Browser cookies are essentially small pieces of data stored in …


What is CCPA?

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In January 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect. Under the CCPA, residents in the state of California get more control over their data-related rights that companies such as Facebook, Google, data brokers, and more collect from them. While these rights are somewhat limited, their very existence is considered a win for consumers and their long-awaited privacy. …


What is Prebid User ID Module?

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With the demise of the third-party cookie fast approaching, and no direct 1:1 replacement possible given the host of privacy restrictions now in place, one of the best potential solutions for the void left by the third-party cookie is to integrate one or more of the identity solutions available via the Prebid user ID module.  What is the Prebid user …


Types of Web Cookies

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Cookies, or HTTP cookies, are data packets that contain information about a website’s visitors. A user’s device creates and stores these cookies when they visit most web pages.  On our computers, cookies store information like passwords for various accounts. Cookies also store our shipping information when we ask our browser to remember it. The information stored in cookies allows us …

Google’s Privacy Sandbox Explained

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Google has announced that it’s phasing out support for third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022. The company is working towards a new set of APIs for browsers to enable advertising and their Privacy Sandbox is part of the plan. The demise of third-party cookies has been the hottest conversation topic for publishers for months and it’s something to keep an …


What’s The Sortable-hosted Quantcast CMP?

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What is a consent management platform (CMP)? Just to review, a consent management platform (CMP) is a way for publishers to collect and manage consent from site visitors for the data their site (or sites they own) uses and stores. It is a simplified way for publishers to stay on top of managing their site visitors’ privacy concerns, all while …

What’s Happening with Data Privacy in 2020

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Data privacy has always been a hot topic, but as the age of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence gets into full swing, it’s never been more top of mind. Consumers are becoming more conscious about whom they share their information with and why it’s being collected. Perhaps more importantly, governments are becoming more aware that national strategies regarding …

third-party cookies

Third-party cookies: then and now

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The great cookie countdown: What’s next for advertising without third-party cookies? How publishers are planning for the end of the third-party cookie The third-party browser tracking cookie is dead. What’s next? These are just a few headlines you may have come across since the slow death of the third-party cookie, which began as early as 2017. It started when Apple …

The Impact of GDPR on Publishers

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It’s a new world post-rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European digital privacy law with global economic impact. An enormous amount of time, energy, and expense has been spent across the digital advertising industry “ from SSPs and DSPs, to publishers, marketers, and networks “ to integrate these new consumer privacy protections into their businesses. And with good …